The AGRI MILK SHOW is a unique event3 days dedicated to the promotion of milk production and consumption. 

Dairy products have a natural quality and promote a happy lifestyle! 

37º National Contest of Holstein Frisian Breed

Conferences and Congress

Workshops and Showcookings

Comercial Apresentations


Innovations and machinery


The participation of exhibitors in the AGRI milk SHOW is subject to prior registration. To register, you must fill out the registration form. We will then contact you for data validation. You can also ask for the participation budget depending on your options in terms of space and services. 

You can now make your application from our website. Register here! 


If you are a professional in the sector you can pre-register and enjoy advantages, you can do it here. Register here!


The AGRI milk SHOW is held at EXPONOR - Porto International Fair. Exponor is a space designed to host fairs and events, where you will find all the necessary conditions. On Exponor's site, in the area of ​​visitor support, you will find a list of all available support services that you can use, such as parking information, on-site food spaces and recommended hotels. Register here!


On the days of the event the general public will have to move the ticket office for the ticket to the fair.



Technology and Innovation at the Service of Agro-business

Dairy Products and Other Foods 


Machinery, equipment and agricultural implements | Milking and milking machines and technologies | Equipment, supplies and consumables for farms, livestock and dairy farms | Animal nutrition | Animal genetics | Fertilizers and pesticides | Veterinary products, technologies and tools | Technologies for dairy products | Logistics, storage and transport technologies and equipment | Precision engineering, agricultural, software companies, financial services, consulting and service providers | Universities, Polytechnics, Vocational Schools and Vocational Training Centers, Technological and Research Centers | Others related to the Agro-business sector... 

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Farmers | Breeders | Milk producers | Technicians and specialists in the agro-livestock and agri-food sector (Agronomists, Zootechnical Eng., Veterinarians, Food Engineering, senior staff, technicians and professionals | Business owners in the agricultural and livestock sector | General public...


Industrial and dairy brands: milk, cheeses, yogurts, butter, cream | Industrial and reference marks for confectionery, pastry, ice cream and delicatessen | Manufacturers and brands of ingredients for confectionery, pastry and ice cream: eggs, flour, baking powder, sugar, etc ... | Producers and reference brands of beverages that accompany the cheese and delicatessen products: Wines, Port, Beer, coffee, chocolate, etc... | Industrial and reference brands of products that accompany milk and yogurts: baking, chocolate, coffee, fruit, vegetables, etc... | Chains and retail units: pastries, confectionery, ice cream shops, tapas houses, cafeteria, salads...

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B2B Suppliers | Horeca Channel | Retailing, wholesalers, supermarkets, grocery stores and gourmet stores | Warehousers, distributors and professionals who resell food products | Trading companies, importers and companies related to the International Business | Nutritionists and health specialists...

2016 Edition

AGRI milk SHOW - 2016 Edition

The AGRI milk SHOW debuted in 2016, and in its first edition congresses, seminars, showcookings, demonstrations, workshops and the 36th National Contest of the Holstein-Frisian breed were the attractions of the Agri Milk Show, giving an injection of confidence and motivation for the sector. The milk was the bet. 

AGRI milk SHOW surprised the market in its debut edition. The Agri Milk Show of 2016 was a forum that brought together the whole supply chain of milk production, privileging the professional and business component. One of the highlights was National contest of the Holstein Frisian breed, which honored the milk production activity and promoted the pride of milk producers.